Vision and Values


Huon will be among the first choice for our clients, especially for complex or difficult projects.

We will be valued partners inspiring long-term relationships.


  • A construction company is only as good as its last job. Huon will live or die by the quality of our products and the relationships we develop. Quality and innovation must be at the fore of everything we do.
  • Our people are our most important asset. We will ensure they develop to their full potential and are provided with every opportunity to fulfill personal goals as well as contribute to our overall success.We will involve our clients as partners manage our relationships with them pro-actively. We are committed to providing services and products superior to our competitors’.
  • We will maintain financial strength and be an enduring force in a volatile industry.
  • Huon will be a good corporate citizen. We will be socially responsible and earn respect for our integrity and positive contributions to the development of the industry and society.


Huon’s signature team approach is embedded in our heritage. Our Directors have built their careers on the highest professional standards delivering win-win results through sound engineering practice, particularly on technically-complex projects.

Our construction activities cover the whole range of civil engineering works, but the high level of professional engineering expertise within the company makes us perfectly suited for complex or difficult projects.

We are expert in:

  • Major road and intersection works
  • Subdivisions and general infrastructure
  • Sports fields
  • Structural works
  • Risk minimization works and batter protection
  • Civil works on building sites

Management Systems

Safety Management

Health and safety is Huon’s priority, for our employees and other visitors to our sites.

We implement a formal safety management system in place on all our sites. This onsite system is integrated into a comprehensive system which applies across our business and is well-developed and sophisticated. In 2007, we achieved third party certification of our system to AS/NZS 4801:2001. In 2015, we achieved accreditation with the Office of the Federal Safety Commission (FSC).


2018 Signed Safety Policy

Environmental Management

Huon is committed to environmental responsibility in all of our activities.

Like our safety approach, we have a formal onsite environmental management system which is also integrated into a sophisticated, business-wide system.

In 2007, we achieved third party certification of our system to ISO 14001:2004.


2018 Signed Environmental Policy

Quality Management

At Huon our team is one of the most experienced for a company our size. We have enjoyed, both individually and collectively, many successes over a long period.

We recognise that our ongoing success is directly related to our ability to effectively manage the quality of our work as well as our relationships, and we have a formal management system to assure the quality of our work. This system is integrated into the comprehensive system by which we run the business.

In 2007, we achieved third party certification of our system to ISO 9001:2008


2018 Signed Quality Policy