Fyshwick Section 26

Major Subdivisions

  • Project completion date:August 2011
  • Overall value of project:$6.9m
  • Location:Fyshwick, ACT
  • Client:ACT Government, Land Development Agency

The project involved the construction of the industrial development at Fyshwick Section 26.  The development is on a 7.5 ha site with fifteen industrial-sized blocks ranging from approximately 1600 m2 to 4700 m2..  The site is bounded by Newcastle and Gladstone Streets, Canturf Farms Pty Ltd and a minor industrial area.  The project works included:

  • Roadworks, stormwater drainage, utility services, street lights, landscaping and protection works for the existing gas main across the site
  • Works in the vicinity of the high pressure gas main undertaken under the supervision of Jemena
  • Construction of the new roundabout at Kembla St involving significant temporary traffic management