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Bridge Safety Fencing at High Risk Locations


  • Project completion date:February 2010
  • Overall value of project:$1.7m
  • Location:4 bridges in the ACT
  • Client:ACT Procurement & Capital Works

The ACT Government carried out a risk assessment for thrown objects from bridges over roads. These risks were prioritised and the highest risk bridges were allocated funding for the installation of safety fencing.

Our original contract allowed for the fencing of five bridges, namely:

  • Isabella Drive pedestrian bridge at Chisholm
  • Erindale Drive pedestrian bridge at Erindale
  • Cotter Road Bridge over the Tuggeranong Parkway
  • Carruthers Street bridge over Adelaide Avenue

All of these bridges were concrete structures. This project required the accurate installation of bolts into the sides and tops of the decks for subsequent mounting of steel posts and mesh.

Two additional bridges were added to our contract:

  • Yamba Drive pedestrian bridge at O’Malley
  • Ginninderra Drive pedestrian bridge at Lyneham.

Both of these bridges were steel structures so the base plates were welded to the decks and sides. The Yamba Drive fences were also painted to match the existing structure.

Temporary traffic management for these works was very complex. All of the roads under the bridges are very busy and it was necessary to program our works to avoid peak hour traffic and to slow down and channel off-peak traffic moving through the site as the works progressed.